Igor Chapurin 
Sophie Walser


Siberia - Terra Incognita

Prêt à Porter Autumn-Winter 2010/2011

 Siberia, a Russian terra incognita, thrown in the north to the icy embrace of the permafrost, confined in the south to a vast snowy taiga.

It serves in the world as a historic metaphor of Russia, a symbol of a power of a civilization batttling the mighty force of nature. This land's wild beauty, interwoven mixture of Slavic culture and the Siberian folks' age-old traditions have inspired Igor Chapurin to create his new collection.

Its character is a personified essence of the northern land combining natural energy and depth  ardor and unbending will, powerful charisma and feminity.

The fall-winter 2010/11 season  sees loose lines and clear-cut geometry. Soft cocoons of coats and jackets wrap architectural forms of dresses and body-suits.

Traces of traditional Siberian garments are used in the design of the coat with fur-trimmed hoods. Large voluminous collars resembling those worn by the Siberians in the old ages give women a strong and powerful silhouette.

Wool, jersey, broadcloth, natural silk, textured fabrics with fringes and colored sequins. Raccoon furs of various colors.

Black is the collection's principal color. It can be seen in all its different tones from glossy through stone-washed to matt. Splashes of emerald, caramel yellow, bordeaux and brown serve to contrast with the black.